October 26th: 2012 Build Small | Live Large Housing Summit

2012 Build Small | Live Large Housing Summit

A Market Revival for Single Family Housing

Smart developers from San Francisco to Vancouver, BC are proving that small homes can be big business.  With the era of sprawling development and supersized houses passing, in-fill models of development on urban lots present major opportunities for the future.  There is an unstoppable demographic shift toward smaller households that demands a new product – one that is efficient, affordable, and flexible.

This one-day housing summit will challenge architects, developers, builders, remodelers, urban designers, policy makers and real estate professionals to craft strategies for this growing housing market. Participants will learn about successfully built projects, financing, space-efficient design, incentives and policy initiatives. This is a great time to explore the leading edge of the housing movement – where design, cost and care for the environment intersect with the needs of today’s families.

The next housing trend is quickly arriving – will you be ready?

Learn about:

  • Financing the small house
  • Emerging trends in urban development
  • Accessory Dwelling Units
  • Demographic shifts & market demand
  • Innovative, space-efficient design
  • How to identify your next buyer

The 2012 Build Small | Live Large Housing Summit will gather leaders in the development, real estate, building and design sector from across the bioregion for an intensive day of inspiration, project case studies and peer-to-peer learning. Industry professionals will see innovative designs and learn about the financial success stories emerging across our area.

More information and registration can be found here.



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