More Apartments for Belmont

West (Property Line) Elevation. From City of Portland Public Notice.

Another small infill project has been proposed for Southeast Portland. The current trend in development seems to be small projects throughout the city in solid to emerging neighborhoods with good bike/pedestrian/transit options. This latest one at the northwest corner of Belmont and 38th fits the pattern. It is to contain 18 apartment over 11 parking space and one small retail space fronting Belmont. The team behind it is the same one responsible for the NuMiss on Mississippi Avenue: the owner/developer is BCMC Properties and the architect is Surround Architecture. The NuMiss was a small office/retail project that turned out quite nice in my opinion, especially compared to some of the other project built on Mississippi around the same time. I hope this project is as nicely scaled as that. If so it will be a solid addition to the neighborhood and at the very least vastly superior to the parking lot that currently occupies the site.

NuMiss on Mississippi Avenue. Image from Surround Architecture, Inc.


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